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Kelly - Your dedication to and passion for yoga is contagious. I cherish what I've learned in your classes. I appreciate your artful ways of teaching...being! Thank you for all of your sharing-ness.

You so often help to remind me of the jewel inside (Big Divine One).  Ani

Dear Kelly,

The quality of your teaching is sattvic" to say it plainly. You are a wonderful mentor and I thank you for your generous spirit.  Sandi

Kelly, Thanks so much for helping me to thrive in my "older years"  JC

"Dear Kelly:
I have become very aware over the past year that Yoga is critical for my well being. This is in all areas of my life, spiritual as well as physical and I will never stop the practice. I know that I am nowhere perfect in my practice but I continue to do what I can when I can and because of this I have changed over the last eight years. I am not the same man that I was. Thank you Kelly for all you have taught me and your continuing efforts.I am very fortunate to have you in my life."

All The Best,  Namaste,   B. Ellsworth

Kelly, I love your classes. Not just because you are a great teacher, but also the class environment you establish, the welcoming class culture, your voice (which, I have to say is very important to me), and most people can tell that you really teach by truly living the yogi way. You are awesome!!!!


Kelly Sullivan is a phenomenally gifted teacher. She inspires correct yoga postures and improved life practices with profound insight, humor and sensitivity. Following many classes I have experienced the same relaxation and stress reduction of massage at substantially less expense!


Svaroopa yoga with Kelly is the same feeling I have after taking a two week vacation. Get Bliss!

This class brings you to true inner peace.

After years of sacroiliac pain and seeing a chiropractor, my pain vanished for good after 2 months of class with Kelly. Hooray!

Kelly and the teaching of Svaroopa Yoga have changed my life. She has helped my overcome sever back and sciatic pain and increased my flexibility. She’s the best!

After 30 years in a high stress career, the practice of Svaroopa Yoga has released both my body and mind. I feel and move better now than when I was in my 40’s and 50’s!

When I returned home from the rehab hospital after my stroke I was both physically and emotionally fairly well flaccid, deflated, and depressed as the prospect of my new life with brain injury and hemipheligia loomed before me. Kelly came to my home and after one hour of her slow and gentle yoga my spirits improved and both my body and spirit felt more vital and alive. Kelly’s Embodyment (sessions) gave me the peace and calm needed to ease my transition into my new life. - RA

I have tried many different methods of yoga before coming upon the ‘Svaroopa’ style. I am now a faithful ‘Svaroopa’ style enthusiast. The changes are not just physical but this method has given me a mental balance in life where I can handle everyday situations with a lot more ease. - TRW

Weekly sessions with Kelly have helped me gain and maintain comfortable mobility after both total hip replacements. Now, I understand the great value of total relaxation and calmness of mind. -MC

It has to be experienced to be believed. It is superb. - S











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